Exclusive: Taiwanese President confirms re-election bid on CNN’s Talk Asia

In an interview with CNN’s Matt Rivers, Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen confirmed her plans for run for re-election in 2020.

Speaking on her presidential plane as part of an upcoming half-hour special on Talk Asia, Tsai said she wanted to “complete her vision for Taiwan”

Tsai was the first woman to be elected leader of the self-governed democratic island in 2016, sweeping to power amid promises to overhaul the economy and lessen Taiwan’s reliance on mainland China.

Tsai has defied Beijing several times during her tenure and suffered bruising losses during local elections in 2018, prompting her to resign as chairwoman of the party. Reflecting on her Presidency so far, Tsai tells Rivers that despite criticism she has faced, she is “confident” in her ability to win in 2020.

Read the full story on CNN: https://cnn.it/2X9Mxsi

Key quotes from President Tsai Ing-wen:

On why she is seeking re-election:

“It’s natural that any sitting president wants to do more for the country and want to finish things on his or her agenda… I’m confident. It’s something I have to be prepared for.”

On criticisms she has faced during her first term:

“Again, it’s another challenge. Being President here, you’re not short of challenges. At good times you have challenges of one sort, and in bad times you have challenges of another sort. So, it’s always a challenge – one after the other.”

President Tsai was speaking to CNN ahead of an upcoming half-hour interview on Talk AsiaThe full interview airs on CNN International from Friday 22nd February at the following times:

Premieres on Friday February 22 at 18:30 PHT

Reruns on Saturday February 23 at 14:30 PHT

Sunday February 24 at 03:30 PHT and 20:30 PHT

Saturday March 2 at 20:30 PHT

Sunday March 3 at 14:30 PHT

Monday March 4 at 03:30 PHT

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